Every time my laptop starts and WLAN networks are not known nearby, it is responsible for this message: "The practice is done to wait for the network to be configured." If there is a network known nearby, it is treated very well. Every time I travel and try to boot my system somewhere, it will be suspended forever (really
). I doubt that I have to activate a system that reduces the computer connection requirement until the connection is available. Has anyone ever seen this message? Or does anyone have any work advice you can refer to? I was caught in this problem for about a week, so all help will be appreciated. So, what is the "
" network that must be configured and publication of "DHCPCD ETH0"?
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Re: "Phi Tieu's work is done to wait for the network"
has done Systemd -Netwait -A.online. After some clear activation, something you want. Blog
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Re: "The work began to be done to wait for the network to write"
falconindy ":
has a system network. ------ ------ --------- ------------------------------------------ ----- Wait- , ---- --- --- Width ---------- or something I want to do.
Thanks Falconindy, it works perfectly. -Line.Service; and right away When it disabled it, my computer started well. In the discussion products in the discussion products in packages and security packages.