Volunteers from the Baraboo William Emerson, 16, left and Rain Thomas, 13, the Aria Defosse -Chavez show, a 5 -year program for the program is one of many activities of the activities "not starting to start In the Republic of the Republic of News
Baraboo Library - changed its name today, the only progress that organizers have seen for months while trying to maintain the final level of USDA's USDA loan. Dollar
The library memorial factory, reminded of the $ 25 million donation that has received the expansion and must renovate the project in April
Rasina Wampanoag's innovation innovation innovation innovation. For the mother through the reproductive function of Crane Wampanoag, the descendant of two cranes in the zoo Ological D. Zoo by ICF
Massachusetts provided to the library president, John Ellington Council member , saying this name, "" Ellington said "makes people know that it always happens" in early April, the library director, Jessica Bergin Tron g The number of months of city officials, send documents

The project expansion and extension approved by the library of $ 117 more than $ 10 million {6464 } After approval. It will start and will probably end up to three months too late, it was originally expected to be completed in September 2022
"We believe it will always take a lot of time to wait for a wait. The State's waiting, "Bergin said," As a result of our control in this period "
The goal is approved to approve in the coming weeks.
"We want the public and the community that the project always happens for a long time"
about the operation of the library, Bergin says "it is an activity as usual" because "because Summer is a "booming" summer, from initial innovation plans in April, most of the programs and events take place outside and cooperating with local organizations. The building is still open for normal hours
changes its name gradually, so the conversion to a new website and new logo and device as the advertising document is updated because they can be printed. , always as usual on his library card Bergin A said it was the same library with a new name
A change in the name honoring the family of Juanita Schadde, who was There is hygiene and Schadde in the city since the early 1890s. And Andrew C Arnegie, a charity person received $ 15,000 for the initial library building in 1902
Bergin explained that they gave him the donations given by Schadde 2019. , she, she, she explained that customers may always be interested in library staff and discover that those who work in the building do not lose hope, always happening, "Bergin said. . " We only need to be patient for a while "

Left dust in the STEM program of Portage Library and Library for students for students. . 17 February, March 23, April 20 and May 18, according to information, call 608-742-4959, expand 211 Noah Vernau / Register daily
}} {64644} Tuesday for teenagers on Tuesday at the Baraboo Public Library, teenagers played many games on the table, a teen expert Penny Johnson, center, working in a puzzle with Teddy Tuberman, while Anna Strangfeld on the right, map with plays Beth Van Curine, was arrested in front in a quarter of his work at Johnson Transport Office for some hands, which provides educational activities. and entertainment for children from Friday to the twelfth year Com as director of Debbie Bird Watch Noah Verau / Daily Registration Library
Excellent associate director Susan Sannner Links check documents with new director of Portage Portage Debbie Bird on Wednesday Noahh Vernau / Register daily
public public public from the public public public, library, Jessica Bergin, written in an exercise of the District Leadership Institute in March in March At Van Order Mansion at Baraboo Ben Bromley / Republic of News
at Baraboo Ben Bromley / Republic of News at the end of March. Books, including books, including publishing tables like this in this in The Portage Noah Vernau / Daily Register
Public Library Baraboo has some decorative tables of all doors and doors on March 17 Coke
public care and public library of Baraboo Under the direction of the Pro Youth Service, the Gram Cram Horjus coordinator, created fish horns C library covers in front of kindergarten of library library, from left to right, Isaiah Foster, Mariah Foster, Elijah Foster, Aleksa Foster, Samantha Kruschel, Horjus and William Emerson Wheeler / will be Debbie Bird and The City The worker of worker Portage Joe Sadlon on the second furniture of the complete public youth library library will be opened on November 25, while it will open on November 25 during the time, during the day, during the day November 25 During a renovation project starting in September and limited access will be opened a nitrogen generator and two months ago in the calendar "We only need a week to clean everything", he " Saying that the library will close on November 28, 29, November 29, 29 and 30 / Register daily
The insect school at the University of Wisconsin-Stression on May 16 at the Public Library Add Baraboo Lesch, environmental issues that these insects face and measures that people can bring to people. Poll / Contribution
Portage St Reet Ron Martin Staff, on Friday at Portage, Portage Noah Vernau / Daily Registration Library
Rusch Qutith Primary School ID and Angie Tmlinson Children's Library Tra Luwl Pellet -IIT Monday " "The owls indicating muscles and organs, not bones and fur, so that their bodies create a package of things beginning", on Monday is for children from Tuesday to 5 years old and 3: 45 A.M. Until you get more information on Monday of the month in the month in the school year on Monday every Monday. For more information, see Portabaryus or call to read as part of the Baraboo Reads initiative, BaraBoo Reads is a community reaction that has contributed to the problems, fairness and including people in everything in everything. In the public library of Baraboo Baraboo /. Artist Kaylee Tsuboi at the Japanese comic and cultural club meeting on Thursday at Portage Portage Library, Doro, the tenth year in Monte. On the other day of 4 pm at 5:30 pm Tsuboi, the teacher of the preliminary elections of Wisconsin Dells Spring Hill, who created resolutions, created resolutions. New year for his work at Noah Verau / Daily Register on Thursday
Scott Rawon, is an invitation to Jessica Elsing on one of the random games explained by printing of Comedy Comedy Du in the beginning of January 3 at the Baraboo Public Library. Forbes, Bill Arbogast, Erica Cochrane and Molly Arbogast Joeeler / Postd
Public Portage Library "New adult programmer, Pam Roet Phylis Germain Noah Vernau / Register daily
Ann Dilcher of Quinn Evans Architects Provide an overview of conceptual design to expand the Baraboo library "Ben Bromley / Republic of News {646 4} * I understand that the record or recording or recording or recording or recording or recording, They are only sent once a day and only when there are new elements {6464,.
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