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María del Consolelo Dussauge Duval, Essuelo Duval. Seguratente admits it plays the main role in "P. Lirch family" with Eugenio Derbez, but otherwise, you are likely to have heard his voice in "unable to use". The energy energy of energy has also given what needs to be said in reality, an actress was a mother when having people in the industry. The family is very much in Mexico, the son of Consuelo Duval, Michel Dussauge, born February 10, 1994, worked in Madeaenimito's industry, and many recieties, in Hollywood. Do you know him?
Who is Michel Duval? Michel Dussauge has adopted her mother's art, "Duval" for professional reasons. Without the stomach, it had her surname because the family ended by Supadre very early.
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on television, Consuelo revealed that the father of Susijos "is" isolated ... never if 2sós 2suv is only 3 and 4 years ... year ... never 6 and 4 and 4 years. The number was not revealed and for many uncle, he did not know what his life was. At first, they told him that his former lover had a place to die. Like storm Katrina, but in the end, after a lot of things to search, defeated the man he broke his heart. . : "When I saw it, I gave many people crying, because not ten. I was Pelon and with a very covered eye." When it is really better for ELL.