In some cases, I have seen the ways that the country must be told and what is the country of civil rights. What is the difference between two people if your passport is displayed by a consulate abroad? Technically, the floor of a consulate belongs to its own country. Therefore, the country should be the same. At least that will say. But if so, why should some forms fill them?

David Richby means that the country is a country if this consulate offers a passport for the country X.
, although this is not popular, some countries also spend time for people who are not not must be Being a person who is not a person. As cannot be noticed, the data page of the passport often shows that the nationality or citizenship of the owner in a separate area and citizens can actually be different from the broadcasting country. Issued by foreign governments. For example, if you lose a passport in a country without a diplomatic representative for your origin and lose your passport, your country of origin can reach an agreement with a third country to Help you overcome emergency temporary. Another example is the British passport, which can be transferred to all British citizens, even if they are not British citizens (British Citizens' Law makes a clear difference between "nation" and "Cong. People ").
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Tornbjot-E: "Land of Problem" his "Land his citizen ". For example, if they were citizens of the United Kingdom, but they received a Consulate of the British Consulate in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom was their country in the show. The Consulate he can be in Hong Kong, but Hong Kong is not a passport provider. It may vary. For example, my current New Zealand passport. Interior, London). This is an identification service office in London, often called London Passport Office, and is responsible for broadcasting and innovation of New Zealand passes in England and Ireland. So, when the problem said, it is "generally what is stored for me, or if he" also "is" the school is indicated in the passport.