. Edited in English because it developed positively.
1. Establish any practical place for you: From the original: Luu Xa Edem (Mooseedit - Alpha29) (October 5, 2014) download free 2. Start the editing process by opening the Moosedititit.exe3 file. Choose a set of training on tab 4. The application of the drafting directory must automatically rectify access to the right folder. If this is not the case, click the correct folder icon, register in the player's profile directory and click the folder button. The predetermined value for Windows 7 is C: / user / username / Larian Studios / Divinity without a player profile. 5. Online data folder: Click the correct folder icon, register on the folder data in the folder with the set installed and click the button folder 6. Mark the desired backup line ( Game / Save name profile). 7. Press Load8 key. Change sign9. Save changes: Press the Floppy button (above) 10. Download the modified backup in the game

. Skills, etc. Information that characters or in the warehouse allows you to change these factors.

Fixed talented ID for Rainman, Tempest, GemanCer, Lightning Rod, Politician, Imoter Folfopp -Bosbossations
more Permoosts "Mindamage" weapons, "maxdamage" supplement Additional money of the additional amount. The armor, has been added, the synthetic armor increases the armor to be added to the minimum or maximum damage, "defense of the defense", increasing the value of the armor is equal to the number of synthetic characters point. Permboost "Speedbook motion", speeding up the character change due to the percentage of the specified or total character number of characters) Some improvements in information bubbles