Rapper has directed his former fiance, Love & Hip-hop Erica Mena, after the couple on social networks. Bow threatened to reveal the sex video of her former partner, who revealed to Erica the reason for being surprised by her. His old Bow Wow and Eica Mena strengthened him online, and became individuals. Rapper "Like You" publish a video on Instagram to discuss women of different types of men and compare men with restaurants and food. She "treated" after destroying her commitment in 2015. BOW welcomed and triggered another round trip between the old women. Rapper 31 -Year has completed everything with a threatening tweet to reveal a sex video accused to Mena.
"Someone said that Eric Mena didn't let me run away in front of the band!" Image: Getty "Someone says Eric Mena won't let me run away from the band!" He wrote. "Erica, you don't want it!" Believe me, I have friends in a band! You know I'm ugly !!! I keep everything !!! Don't let me reveal the band! "Mena, also 31 years old, has returned by saying that the lawyer contacted Lisa Bloom, who previously presented Blac Chyna in the lawsuit against Rob Kardashian." I am ready to ruin you anytime you're ready, "he wrote with a smiling face. Mema was surprised that the reason he had broke his name was the right thing that he tried to commit suicide while his son His boys at home. She made a comment when she showed a screenshot of the suspicion of discussing text with one of her friends before doing a tweet and describing the complaint. Her more. However, eliminated and not answered Mena debt.