The last famous words: The Council of the Dead: an amazing example of an album written well and developed a story ending from beginning to end. To present the famous album of the last words "The Council of the Dead" for the people, this is one of the most commonly known albums I have met, and for many people who are music fans. And the art can be hidden there, I think I will publish for the benefit of the discussion, I hope some of them publish other albums in which the documents will be a story from First to the end. The album tells an extremely sophisticated story, in which each song tells the first person of a recently died and history of his death to the recent dead souls and the head. The council of the dead is a careful idea, but what is so good that the character of each song is connected to some way with other characters, without knowing, you will see that the character is dead The first is an older woman who has Alzheimer's disease or her memory loss and slowly sliding the driving fog and wants to know if her girl is still alive and asking and praying that she has survived. After the pain of losing dementia and slowly observing and dying she fled (character 1) All other songs affect the characters in the way they mention at a certain time. : A Dying soldiers fighting with Overmarcha, while wanting their father to meet a group of rebels of their fallen heroes helped them to freely and eliminate the evil and the hatred of the gum soil. c them. When he died, he hoped that, although the characters had lost their memories and did not recognize themselves, the album ended with a song, in which the head of the Council revealed that all of the This person is exactly the characters described in the stories of his death, these characters are friends and their character members. In his family, all have the second chance in life when going to a new person to change his previous life. It was a great ending for me, the grace really went with the second opportunity and the gift, returning home, I did not hope that, as in the first paragraph), music is not all socks Also as musicians can sometimes really artists that they can be a great reflection to do something special, you can develop a world in which a story can fall and Falling to be lost for about 40 minutes, that's probably my favorite album in recent years and, if nothing else, I hope I hope I hope I hope some ratings and it. Thanks to reading links other than the council of those who have died, those who will spend a little love and the last famous words that I do not know if they have an official channel, I cannot find one.