When Jesus was in the Gethsemani garden, he was deceived at night, he said: "Do you think I can't call my father and send me more than twelve angelic army immediately? " Matthew 26:53. A Roman Corps in Jesus was 6,000 soldiers and were very well trained men. As a result, twelve angel army will be 72,000 angels. And we have no idea of ​​many of the Corps I can call it. But Jesus said that the Father will give Him with more than twelve angel armies; Therefore, it can be concluded that thousands of angels are available at night when it is arrested. What will be the strength of these angels together? Angel is strong! In fact, Eh -Sai pointed out that an angel erased 185,000 people in one night. So, if there is only one angel with this type of power, the combined force will have twelve angel army? The angel of the Lord was released and 185,000 people were beaten in Assyria. And when people get up early in the morning, all these are corpses. »Eh -37: 36. Angel was able to extinguish 185,000 people in one night. This means that the combined force in a army of 6,000 angels will be enough to destroy 1,110,000,000 people (meaning one billion, one hundred years and the fifth of the angels! Twelve Corps or at least 72,000 angels. Calculating me to see that Jesus's forces destroyed at least 13,320,000,000 (thirteen billion, three hundred and twenty million people), more than the number of people living on the number of people living on Earth! Jesus does not need Peter's sword to protect him in Getemane. If he decides to do this, Jesus can summon 72,000 magnificent, strong, brilliant, wonderful angels Strong in the Gothsemani garden to extinguish the Roman soldiers and the temple police arresting him. ! But Jesus did not appeal to the supernatural help for him because he knew that it was time for him to voluntarily provide C lives his sins for mankind. Obviously there is no human power on Earth strong enough to bring Jesus against His will. The only way they will do is to be done when it is allowed! Later, he said to Philato: "Jesus answered:" He will not have authority to me, unless he is bestowed from above. That is why the liberation of me to the biggest sin. (John 19:11).