It's easy to study at the university. Hundreds of schools offer many relatively comfortable admission requirements. (These are three things that you should look for in a good business program). But if you want to win a business baccalaureate of the program that produces the largest salary in the country: Haas Business School at the University of California Berkeley - First you have to go to one of the most exclusive universities in even in even the most exclusive universities in even Water, then passed the next school two years in difficult conditions and a protest on leadership and passion for business, then wrote a convincing application evidence and could approve an interview. . For those who do it, there is a great victory in all these jobs. Haas students compete in a small excellent program. The school has only 700 students in basic studies, accounting for less than 3% of the population of 27,000 Berkeley. The name Haas seems to be gaining weight with employers. reported that Berkeley produced the highest average paid trade in the country. Haas's youngest alumni reported on average more than 70,000 US dollars each year and that no one received the MBA. .
interviews with the old Haas school have made this five secret five known, including most of them, there will also be a good place with other competitive programs. 1. 1 it also applies to certain bank transfer, but likes community universities to visit California in Haas de a Richard Lyons "You have to work more. 3. Get free art. "We want people to be flexible. If people have the spirit of monitoring, they are not too valuable" that Haas is not interested in candidates who seem to be motivated by Instead, he said, the approval team wants to know if students have "a sense of problems greater than them and their career." 5 They know their passion. The qualifications and courses represent only half of Haas's approval decisions. The rest is based on students and extracurricular experiments. Jessica Tiao, who completed his graduation in Haas in 2011 and was well rounded, but there was also a really great project company or something very passionate. "