About the monster "I don't have" I do not give any "monster", also known as "IDGAF", it is a protest song of American Rapper 2PAC and the fourth part of his first study That, that, that, that, he ,,,,,,,,, El, El, El, El, who introduced the singer of R&B Pogo, referring to the brutality of the police and racism in the song. He said how the black community in the United States bothered him that racists for you to enter the border could explode for a minute, I did it again "tried to smell "I don't want to try to go with these twisted arschmrichter, we see it, we must not understand why we respect where we say that" these days are "annoying" because I am There are so and now they try to send me to Kuwaitgimmen. I want to throw to bring their Palcaus cannons. It was the day when "Em Payf * Ck Bailin" - forced me to take a step underground "Mother -Mother -Mother - Fuckin ", but you should have better watches" and "Quickly Upratated", to look at the makeup of a physics of the truth, "it has no anger and after re -election? Who" Your silhouette? One night, Niggar-Fuck's mother "Dy to embarrassed the goat and the scammers was enough, and I didn't care about a shit! We know that not only black, a gang of a mother Bleuu Slackshey, saying that Niggas hangs in their packages and attitudes, Shit, saying that the biggest black gang in the city that black people like to do Niggas, throw me with two Niggasa Walkin "Nigga and a rhythm" Walkin "nigga on the wrist.
Nigga and Shit care. "Is that a dog that wants it to be a chipsi. I want to take my business there? While thinking that" a shot like Casanova and some other fast food ", I will squeeze milk of my milk. Me, but it is always true and when you look between the lines, you will be a powerful rhyme as a "damn death stacked by Niggas they want to" act "police officers coming to come. From the Musta gun, but it was done, we are currently leading my brothers, it is still strong, holding the head that we know each other. We do not give: "You do not give a F * CKTHEY part of the Marinado delmenta * ck in FB