Hello! I have just published my first pornography in TGStortime, based on a committee of an anonymous sponsor who spent more than a year to write! In less than 28,000 words "It is a complete story to become his own mother, with a lot of his health is a mother! The content of incest and adults contain different family motivations by the range Overall of the Blumbydy text (from the part of chapter 1): Rob often plays video games until night, so that he can feel dizzy, get tired and exhausted this morning. To reduce his pain, He did not even pay attention to the long hair of his hair, making him tickled in a rough scratch, he hurriedly on her body! At least looking at her father because her vision was still blurred, but the man This man is different: the weaknesses of the weak and the father, in the change, has a function, muscles and a shadow of the human being is always the structure of his father, but as if he has become a one Male model in the night they went out in the adjacent bathroom to spray face into the face, hoping that this will clarify your mind and vision. They are definitely too poor to get a house with something that leads to asking what is happening ... Rob thinks about themselves, but first he has other priorities to handle that he Aspirin could be found in the cabinet, he looked after it. Being clinged to when he could finally reflect his fog as a simple example of how a hot mother looked like, with emerald eyes and light hair that feared a face. fragile with pale spooky skin, thick lips and cheeks with lighter heads of debris to raise their hands to see a small hand with fragile and fragile fingers and new brown nails To be painted "that ...". Rob sinked and saw a woman playing at the age of thirty. "I'm here?" When he knew he would regret it, he looked at his body to confirm his suspicion, but he did not really prepare for what he saw, or threatened to escape the thin black hair but almost almost almost Unable to keep his humility, as if someone had attached some soft bowling of the balls in his chest, or how the idea of ​​a teenager would see, a sexy woman would What looks like, in the end, the navel and underwear with two feet of barefoot were disappointed to confirm this to confirm this: It was not exactly what a vagina looked like, but the wrinkles that I am I Feeling clear when a woman returned to SOB, he was RS Egarda and then he returned to his reflection when he was awake because he became a woman in some way.