My old friend won't let me be alone and it seems that it climbed, but I am not sure whether to receive a banned formula that will make it better or worse.

Small information: We are 2 years old. We were broken for more than a year. He collapsed with me, but quickly changed his opinion and decided that he always wanted to leave, I said no. At first, we had good terms, but he passed the wave to try to become my friend, and then came to anger and let me stop talking to him. He will apologize and say that he has "to me" and he is ready to be friends. He agreed quickly, eight months later I went out with someone else. He made suicide reference materials, I told him that he refused me and let me alone, apologized and stopped. In the next six months, sometimes he tried to contact me for a short time, I just told him that I was not interested in talking to him. He also tried to contact some of my friends and family at different times. Today he wrote completely surprised in an old picture of mine in my Instagram friend not "wasting his time". A friend answered and Ex -way began to strengthen. I sent him a text message to leave myself, my friend and my family, and I was a bit surprised by the way I said ... He threw things that I was a disease and Virus. He said he hated me and ruined him. He continued to try to offend my friend, who asked him to ignore him, so he finally answered me. I asked her sister to calm down, she said she would not listen and he was not reasonable. He sent me a text message repeatedly that his family hated me almost him and just called me the name. I threatened the ban of a ban and he continued to say that he felt the pain he felt, but he was awake and did not even want). For me, it comes from nowhere. We didn't talk for a few months and the last time we were entertained, he said things like "Taking care of you, I'm sorry for publishing you in the past. I hope you are happy." Now he is very angry and obnoxious and I don't know where he comes from. That is ... Aber Ich Befürchte, DASS is Zu Seiner Akte Zurückommt, Oder Seine Arbeitgeber Werden Informert, IHN Wütender Und Gemeiner Machen Würdde. Er Sieht Nicht Einmal Wie Er Aus Und Um Ganz Ehrlich Zu Sein, Haye Ich Den Eindruck, DASS ER METHOL EIN BISSCHEN INSTABIL IST. Meine muttered Möchte, Dass Ich Das Gerichtsgebäude Morgen Mit Ihr Akzptiere, Undesmus Ich Eines Hinterlegt, Fration Ich Mich Ich Frange Mich, Welche Auswirkungen Ein VerbotsRzept AUF IHN Haben oder related to wurde, wurde, wurde, wurde Würde ... Aber Ich Kann