Ms. Crush Dot Dot is famous on Wednesday, known as #WCW on Twitter and Instagram, and outstanding creators on YouTube, the one we admire. If President Obama has never been elected, Denise and Ebony, the mother's power behind Oliviahas2Moms, will never be connected. Inspired by historical moments, a few long times decided that it was time to share their history as a home with two mothers. After Ebony and Denise got married six years ago, they knew they were ready to give birth. After artificial insemination, Ebony gave birth to a beautiful girl named Olivia, who grew up with a family expanding 80,000 registered people. Talk about gender and experience of yourself as the mother of a mother. What hit each video is not only the remarkable love of these mothers for their daughter, but also their true honesty. In his video, "I have a father?" The couple revealed their future fear to explain to Olivia that not all families were similar to themselves. Will it be angry? Am I uncomfortable because she has no father? How will her classmates react to the fact that she has two mothers? Will it be a victim of threat? When creating these videos, Ebony and Denise control these questions and their lives. Life on YouTube has joined Olivia A Vidcon, modeling the Noh8 campaign and legalized homosexual marriage. For six years, they have nurtured a developing community with the same sex partner, who specified with love 2moms2moms to create a world that all children feel, regardless of the identity of the father. their mother. Only couples use YouTube to challenge LGBT patterns: through daily vlogs, a long -term RJ couple and will show the normal life of a LGBT couple, while partners like Jelly and Day and Kaolyn and Lucy have used their personal stories so that individuals are connected to the LGBT community fans. All of these creators go in sex and LGBT conversations, but Ebony and Denise are the only way they talk to children. Ebony and Denise show their daily lives to Olivia, providing a community that is often distorted in the media, a realistic voice and makes a better world for their daughter. develope.