to calculate the oxidation of elements in chemical connection, enter "formula S" and click "Calculate" (for example:
, the oxidation state of a atom is the stress of this atom After the ion of its bonds. The molecular formula branch (Figure 1b). The oxidation amount of each atom can be calculated. The same element (homosexual link) is always divided. For each group in Carbon A atom is linked by C-C connection in the rest of the molecule.
when treating compounds and organic formulas with some atoms with the same element. It is easier with the ekular formulas and medium oxidation data to operate (Figure 1D). Write in a way that something does not change before the first C-C connection is replaced by the abbreviation R (Figure 1C). Unlike the roots in organic molecules, R cannot be hydrogen. the The electron is evenly distributed between the two carbon atoms, the R group does not modify the oxidative amount of the carbon atom that it is consolidated. You can find examples of use in the division of oxidation reaction into two dots. To assign oxidation, the oxidation of a free element is always 0. The oxidation number of a monthly ion is equal to the ion load. Fluorine in connections is always attributed to an oxidation chain -1. Alkali metal (Group I) always has an oxidation chain + 1. Metal of alkaline soil (group II) is always attributed to an oxidation chain + 2. Oxygen, almost always a series of oxidation processes of too oxidation -two. Except for Peroxide (H2O2), of which -1 and in Flo connections (2), which is + 2. Hydro 1 combined with metal. The sum of the algebra of the oxidation of the elements in the connection is zero. The total algebra of beef. AI's conditions on ions with ion load. and +1 for each connection with an electronic atom (OR, CL, N, P) and 0 for each carbon atom directly related to carbon. For example: Propène: CH3-CH = CH2Laurinic Acid: CH3 (CH2) 10COOHDI-Bulrilperoxity: (CH3) 3COC (CH3) 3DIISOPOLT ETI: (CH3) Appointment: General, Eni. "Calculate oxidation numbers". Puzzle. Duration system. KTF-Split, January 22, 2021. Web. {Access date}. .