Playing Football – An International communication Tool


Nowadays, the international life is preferred by more and more people. And every country also strengthens the communication between each country. There has many ways to do the international communication, and among these, holding the World Cup is one of the most efficient ways. Therefore, ever country will pick up the excellent professional football players to have the football match. Playing football is considered as an useful international communication tool.
Firstly, all the countries will have their players do more and more exercise to enhance their ability to play football in order to make perfect preparation for the World Cup. Players usually wear wholesale football jerseys in their training program. The results of a recent study conducted in 17 European countries showed that seven of the ten fans of Spanish football favorite game seems to love rather than to confirm the fear that people in Spain are obsessed with football. The survey also revealed that Spanish football fans are very superstitious and 69% admitted they had performed a ritual before games, hoping to help their favorite teams and players.
Meanwhile, the popularized of football has also promoted the international communication among the football fans around the world. While the fans are loyal to other countries and support their teams, few are as passionate as football fans in Spanish. Real Madrid, the most successful team in Spain, was founded in 1902, and has certainly become one of the most prestigious clubs in the world. Real Madrid has a large fan base and strong inflows of Real Madrid’s decisions are often difficult to acquire. The enthusiastic football fans would like to wear nfl throwback jerseys to watch the football game to show their love and support to their favorite team and players. Not only can a large number of spectators to see in games for Real Madrid shirt with the number and names of their favorite players, but the shirts of the same type can be seen being worn by fans in their daily lives.
As an international communication tool, playing football can convey a country’s sports spirit, a country’s spiritual civilizations, a country’s culture, etc. Therefore, every country will emphasize the contribution and investment in sports undertakings. And among all the famous sports, football is the most popular one. Therefore, there are more and more people prefer to play football. Meanwhile, it will contribute to the international communication well.


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