"Sorry," Shadow recalled the whisper of the sound that the work created when he landed at Laura's Caro. Sleeves delete face according to strange patterns? "She is a woman and I don't know where she is, but no, I don't think she" sighed by Sweeney, unfortunately "when she was just a puppy," he said, "yes A woman who hit between stars allowed me to play with her others, and she told me my luck, she told me that she would beat me and walked towards The west of the sunset and a woman who died to know how my fate and fate can seal and seal him. And seal my fate. I laughed and poured more barley and more barley and more and Play more with their bubbles, and I kissed her completely on her beautiful lips, they were good days: the first gray monks were not closed, and they were already Come, and they came, and they came, and they came to them, and they were not attached to the blue sea in the west and now "I stopped, between his head, his head turned and focused on what was Tu that "you don't have to trust" "I can't trust, L Do you work "" Do you remember how to work? "What?" Shadow estimates that he had a conversation with half a dozen NNTES. Eleven types of powder eleven and jump from personality to personality, of the topic on this topic, as if the remaining brain cells were bleeding, and finally appeared well "pieces, boys, these boys, The piece that I showed that you miss you? "He held his fingers on his face, looked at her and pulled out a gold coin out of his mouth, threw the piece in the dark, a hand to catch the pulled out, But not reaching any "drunk" space, Schadten said "I don't remember" I don't remember "your Sweeney Bacha was on the road, now it is light and the world is white and the shadow of the shadow The gray is still on Sweeney, taking a long step as if it was still falling, but their feet were there to prevent him from falling with others when they arrived at the bridge, continuing to stay with Zie with a goal. Gel's hand and turned around and said: "Do you have a few dollars? I don't need much tickets from this place, will twenty dollars only make me twenty years? "Where can you go to a $ 20 bus ticket?" Shadow asked, "I can get out of here," Sweeney said. The hand then cleaned his hand on his sleeve, touched his jeans, left about twenty and took them to Sweeney "here" Sweeney found her and pushed her deep into the chest of the jean jacket of his jean jacket. The two vultures in a dead branch and my impatient words! I will kill something! He's in my head. "The bricks felt in their pocket until they found the heel of the uncompleted cigarette that had been carefully left and tried to not burn their fingers or beards." I will tell you something, "he said as if he did not say anything in every episode that day, while your eyes and horn trees were deep because it lasted from Heaven to hell, and our world is just a tree branch, there is a rope "I will rest a mantra here," he said, touching himself, his relaxation against the black building "good luck", the shadow of "hell", M f ** ked ", Mad Sweeney "thanked" back to the city was 8:00 am and Cairo woke up, looked at the bridge and saw Sweeney's pale face, scratched tears and observed the last time he saw the day, go At Christmas, it was like the moments of the light in the winter darkness, and quickly fleeing the house of the Deadite's house on December 23, and Jacquel and IBIS "welcomed the women of Lila Goodchild. With bathrooms and bathrooms and bathrooms and with ovens and ovens and with tupperware are arranged in his coffin in front of the funeral home with greenhouse flowers around him. On the other side of the room there is a carbon salad and beans and puppies of corn, chicken and beach and black eyes, and in the middle of the afternoon, the house is full of people crying and laughing and shaking hands from the table. The hand of the hand of the hand. The Minister, everything was held and watched silently by Sober Sober and IBIS, the funeral will be the next morning when the phone rang in the room (it is Bakelita and Black and have a sincere number of sincerity. The good in front), he. Ibis answered, answered Mr. Ibis, then separated from "is a police officer", saying "Can you make a collection?" "Of course" "" "" "" "" here ", he wrote an address of paper change and then transferred it to Shadow, the reader of the address, written in a perfect copper letter, Then folded and put it in her "" will be a policeman who plays himself, "Ibis added that the liberation appeared and received the funeral car, Mr. Jacquel and Mr. Ibis specifically argued that the one Funeral cars really should only be used for funerals and they have a truck they used. Collect, collect bodies, but the truck has been repaired, is it for three weeks and can be very careful with the body of the body? The darkness is traveling carefully by the Snow Rails, now cleaning the street, but it's pleasant to drive slowly, it seems to be slow in a dead car, even though I don't remember the last time. I saw a car of a car of the corpse because he saw on the street with the death of Callas of America and thought about the shadow; Well, this happened in the rooms and ambulances of hospitals, we should not be surprised to live and think that the shadow that Mr. Ibis has a separate path on his cover, a police journey. The black and black was parked in a side road, and the ball of the car behind him. There are two police officers on their journey to drink their Thermos Karosexpials. Do you have the motivation to keep the hot shadow of the side window "yes?" "I" of the funeral company, "Shadow said," We are waiting for the investigator to "have a car to leave our colleagues in the driver's seat and bring the ball back to a crazy Sweeney waste container, sit in the snow. Besides garbage. ", he said, he said, the police looked" like that, "Shadow said. "He asked me, the drunken guy was stunned and fertilized for his butt" yes ", he agreed with the shadow "He bent down and looked at the bottle of Sweeney Mad Sweeney Jameson Ailen Whiskey: A $ 20 ticket of this place, a little green touching the neck of the body, entering the body, thinking that darkness, and if It was not denied ... "he" was dead ", the investigator said," A identity document? "He" is a John Doe, "Medocal said, looking at the shade. The photos that we not only need to take blood for toxicity have received this? Should I write it for you? "No," the police said. The police stopped signing empty bottles. Signed. For John Doe and a stretchered mission, the body is quite steep and Shadow cannot take it out of the sitting position, playing with a stretcher and discovered that he can support him, sit, sit John Doe, Sitado. , Gurnney and also gave him a good behavior, closed the curtains behind, then returned to the funeral where Corbillard was arrested in a traffic light when Shadow heard Croas's voice. "And the beautiful women shed tears and clothes, and the brave men complained and talked about me stories in my wonderful days" you gave. "He replaced him instead At the bottom of the funeral car, the moan of the addict has disappeared from his voice, replaced by a flat -shaped degree as if the words were transmitted "far away" and dead words sent in one one. The frequency of death and my shadow put my legs gently on the station "but gave me an alarm clock," Mad Sweeney said. "" You killed me a lot "," They will never kill me, Sweeney crazy ", the shadow of twenty dollars, he thought, because a ticket of" it was drinks and the cold killed you, not me "there was no answer there, and in The rest of the trip behind the parking lot, he stopped at the back. Corbillard stretchers and the corner of the body abused Mad Sweeney on the unique side of Beefhe, covering John Doe with a piece of paper and leaving it there, with documents next to the back of the stairs. In addition, the room said: "And something to drink or too cold to kill me, a bloody person? No, you lost the small golden sun killed me, the shadow, killed me died, definitely for sure Water "and you" in the days and a friend who is always disappointed "I want to emphasize Mad Sweeney that it is a kind of bitter philosophy of type A, but suspect that the man who died made her Leo Leo. Go upstairs of the main house, where a number of women with average potatoes put and put macaroni and goodchild -He ta, the deceased husband, brought Mr. Ibis to the wall and told him that he said he Knowing that none of his children will come to honor his mother, the apple will not leave the tree to listen to the apple is the most expensive Ailen whiskey they sell in wine shops.