4K Ultra HD Android TV ™ HDR (high range) 139 cm screen size (55 ") Assisthromect Pastado assistant assistoro Inuhd-Tuner DVB-T / T2 / C / S2 (MPEG4 + HEVC / H265 (10 bits ))
Android TV ™ provides customers with a modern and visual approach, bringing more value than the content reputation. But Google provides smart visual experiences to quickly access entertainment, control of smart devices, smart devices, smart devices, smart devices, smart devices, receiving counterattacks Return to the screen and even more for your cinema
: Use your voice: The audio system is designed in Harman Personality

better search than search screen. Your urban TV of Android, you display the exact applications, movies and play P to another program without having to come and go. Your application is necessary, everything is a really simple HD resolution, you can even explore old films or series with unprecedented clarity. This is guaranteed by the modern side image technology to ensure each type of content for the quality of cinema without commitment at home

a series of wide transmission services with more than 400,000 films And emissions or transmission videos, music or wireless photos of its smart devices on TV with Chromecast has integrated integrated voice control to facilitate its mission. Reduce Lumières de la Salle
, it does not become more realistic: click Google Assistant in control and its remote tax. Lights can also be controlled, you can also use TVs to manage your tasks, calendars, calendars to consult, get information, etc. Connect your control panel to a regular TV, there is an unnecessary delay when the game "in different game mode
HDR gives you more in optical.
is fuzzy or concentrated: With a positive motion, you will experience clear motion images without a regular LCD TV that makes a difference for you? The powerful processor and higher LCD screen with a short feedback time for sports, cinemas and action
please see what you are interested in at any time, unlimited and without Advertising: With Netflix, you can transmit a large number of films, series and documentary films - including large box office hits and internal products developed to eliminate and delete a bar. Math and a subscriber pays. You can choose
out of thousands of incentives. This advanced technology analyzes and improves video signals to a clear, natural and natural image. You are looking for an image, whether you watch movies, photos or video
, digital cameras or 4K cameras to film or photography. You can get this content with the 4K HD SD card reader or a complete HD resolution on your great TV. This shows their details and can immediately talk about their films and photography sessions at home
. Are you looking for some films that are not in part? Then, buy or hire your favorite item with the Google Play movie, broadcast live on your great TV and the living room for your family or friends or download Transfor Tablet or Laptop Come directly to your large TV screen: With integrated chromect, you can transmit movies, videos, applications, games, games, games and many other things to enjoy everything in great format, You can also use the holiday image of your smartphone in using Chromect TV display -In a high -resolution and brilliant video
with Amazon Prime Video has access to many movies ( Original) and television programs from television programs that everyone talks, and the best movies, including the latest successes of the box office, the service is simply paid, Simply bring a good entertainment with a screen including the future
: With this video -codec is ready for the standards. Tomorrow's load today and when the action starts, your EC AV, your sharp TV soon
will start transmitting Dolby Digital audio can be able to provide sound with 5 channels and subwoofers with a subwoofer with Dolby Digital +. Two channels added audio tuning by adding more details and creating impressive surround sound
5 speakers and subwoofers: You can find content with this surround sound on Amazon Prime and Google Play, For example with DTS-HD. You can use it to improve your hearing experience
highest levels: Virtual DTS: X creates a sense on the height of your head