Take a Look at the Success of the 1934 World Cup


As the Olympic Games in Berlin two years later, the 1934 World Cup is a visible manifestation of a sporting event with an open political gain. Benito Mussolini wanted to use the tournament as a means of promoting fascism. Journey to the number of supporters from other countries was more than ever football tournament, including 7000 in the Netherlands and 10,000 each from Austria and Switzerland.
The 1934 World Cup was not exactly the same as the World Cup today. In today’s world, we see dozens of teams gather to compete in the tournament is crowned by a single country that the world champions for the next four years. These teams were selected countries around the world are going through a qualification in order to try to compete in the World Cup. Even if there was another teacher who was able to win in 1934, the number of teams has been very different. It had 32 teams that have tried, but not all were eligible to participate in the final. All the teams would wear wholesale reebok jerseys in their games. There were only 16 teams that were able to participate in the tournament, which lasted May 27 and June 10.
The 1934 World Cup was the second World Cup, the world championship men’s national association football team. Took place in Italy from May 17 to June 10, 1934. The international football federation, FIFA, selected Italy as host nation at its Stockholm congress of October 1932. World Cup 1934 was the first in which teams had to qualify to participate. Thirty-two countries participated in the contest, and after qualification, 16 teams participated in the final stage. Italy became the world champion in second place, beating Czechoslovakia 2-1 in the finally.
All other games in the first round were much closer to the music. Spain, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Germany and Sweden were able to go to the next round of play. Although Italy is the only dominant player, have pushed the limits of the game was two, took in Spain. These teams tied 1-1 the regulation and had to decide on the way to winning a penalty shootout. The Italians ended up winning the game with wearing the nfl jerseys authentic respect their team spirit. Austria and Hungary, has provided some great competition, the game went to the wire. Austria has managed to pull the score of 2-1. Czechoslovakia and Germany, have managed to beat their opponents to a margin of goals.
Italian awarded a total of three goals in five games was a record low for a world champion. Counterweight in England 1966 (who played six games), and Brazil in 1994 (who played seven), but not passed until 1998, when France won the World Cup undergoing only two goals in seven games. After all, the 1934 World Cup was successfully held by Italy.


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