GR-1 Delicious GR-1 chip can provide truly intuitive and accessible interfaces to synthesize particles in the material format. With specialized controls for all current grain parameters and network screens with intelligent and clear visual feedback, GR-1 generates seed synthesis. Provide 16 polyphony voices with up to 128 particles of voice. The GR-1 is also comfortable in its context as a source of the sound atmosphere, painful gestures, movie-based sound designs and more. The "play" jacket buttons for four independent votes and MIDI entrance provides some interactive methods, while integrated LFO and control voltage to allow deep automation of internal parameters. Dedicated controls for the location of particles, density, size, height, sampling speed, shape of the window, random and random of the panoramic view to make it easy to access. A 7 "advertising creates effects of all visible controls, otherwise, create any previous materials. GR -1 may be the best particle synthesis. Window ruler, window size, window size, window size, random position position (spray) and random panoramic (spray) All main parameters can be adjusted Through the inner variation or an external voltage with tilt, curves and curves and "control" control "control" the voice of voice and ability MIDI 4 banks 4 banks including 8 support Preliminary assistance (patch) of each internal regime within 4G 4G mode for pure mode and interface performance and Moréco Nfiguration Menu provides comprehensive control of access to
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delicious. The GR-1 has intuitive controls for the parameters of the particle algorithm and a large screen in which the copied particles are displayed. It is also polyphony and has CV tickets.