Read this summary of the book in Hindi: Delicate art does not give a summary of delicate art so as not to give any appointment: you and all those who know will soon die. And in a short time between and there, they have to give a limited amount of Fucked. Really very few. And if you are wrong with everything and to people without thinking or conscious elections, you will be deceived. Manson, the exquisite art of not bringing a Cklife life, basically a series of endless issues. The solution to a problem is just creating another problem. Mark Manson, the exquisite art of not causing a CKour crisis, no longer important. It is present, it is spiritual. We have a lot of damn things and a lot of options that we don't even know what to do in Anymoremark Manson, delicate art, not for it F * CKtravel, is a tool for great personal development. Because it is outside the values ​​extracted in their culture and shows them that another society you can live with completely different values ​​and always work and do not hate. This contact with different cultural values ​​and measures forces him to verify what is obvious in his own life and consider it that it may not necessarily be the best lifestyle. The simple reason why suffering is useful in terms of biological. He is the favorite agent of nature for an inspiring change. We always develop to live with a level of dissatisfaction and uncertainty, because it is a little dissatisfied creature and is not the most active person to innovate and exist. Marquez Manson, sophisticated art, does not bring the desire for a more positive experience, is a negative experience. And the paradox, accepting your negative experience is a positive experience. Marquez Manson, sophisticated art, is not their problem, there is something with five hundred pounds waiting for them. And it is completely good. The goal is not to escape the shit. The goal is to find the trash you want to face. Mark Manson, exquisite art, does not give CKIF F *, put a problem, don't feel there and think about it. Just start working on it. Even if you don't know what you do, the reality is simply you will lead to good ideas in your head.