The World is crazy for Football


The World is crazy for Football England as the birthplace of modern football, and has a long history of football brings crazy love of football. It is still a country that influences the degree of acceptance from the whole world. The world is processing towards to perfect, the rights of people are becoming complete. When many football fans in NFL football jerseys are shouting for their team, don’t you think it is the moment that you want to join in.

In modern society, democracy brings many rights, like freedom of speech. As a matter of fact, it often happened some strange ideas, the most common football fan madness. As football becomes one of the most popular sports in the world, fans often go to football madness,
Do you remember the World Cup period? Many football fans act like a crazy football player; they buy the same discount NCAA jerseys as their teams and with their heads bound with red string and face colored with a symbol which represents their teams. And then they go with their team to watch the matches when these football players kick the ball and all will

stand up and shout:” Oh! Yes! We win!”
I still remember the last World Cup, because all my classmates went out to watch it on the internet. They did not come to the classroom to have the class our teachers did not come, too
However, for some other field fans, the game is another way to support their favor and their so-called support. Buy your money in the cheap NFL jerseys is not the way to make money.
However, the play of his team is a way to make money and show their loyalty. Although he lost the bet, they were always proud of the work they have done to the teams. For them, a bar is a way to communicate with others, drinking and laughing also congratulate the other

also, trade that modern method of expressing their feelings in football.
No matter what effect football brings to us. We have to admit that it surely has many advantages for us. People can communicate with each other about football despite where you come from. Human beings get closer and closer.


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