Top 10 Most Favorite Olympic Sports


Top 10 Most Favorite Olympic Sports Olympic Games are a mega event and are a kind of sporting event which is always anticipated by everyone who is a sports lover, regardless of the sport he/she knows to play. Every game of this sporting event is full of crowd and every seat in the sitting capacity has its lover of the event. But, as you know one has to win and others come down in the list, below is a list of the top ten most favorite sports that have been the part of the Olympic Games for years.



Wrestling is currently a worldwide famous combat sport that mainly consists of grappling type techniques to win over the competitor, including pins, joint locks, takedown, clinch fighting throws and many other grappling holds. Usually, two competitors participate in any wrestling match and one who successfully maintains a superior position is finally announced as the winner.



Shooting is yet very interesting, most watched and one of the most favorite sports in the modern Olympic Games. This is a kind of competitive sport that requires a lot of accuracy and speed to reach No. 1 place among competitors. This game can be played using different guns including airguns and firearms. Shooting live pigeons was once a prominent Olympic Games. The target used in a competition and the type of firearm actually become the reason for categorizing any shooting sport.



Cycling, which was once a prominent mean of transportation across the globe, has now become a most favorite sporting event in the Olympic Games. A participant, which is called bicyclist or cyclist, has to perform well and beyond other participants’ skills, powers and stamina to grab a gold medal in any competition. This means of transportation was introduced to the modern world during the 19th century. This is yet a main source of transportation in most of the countries.



Though Basketball is widely popular in the United States more than in any other country in the world it is equally popular in any event of the Olympic Games. The main objective of every player, participating in any side (total two teams participate in any single game of Basketball), is to shoot a ball into the basket hanging at both ends of the basketball court. This is the only way to score points and win any match by the participant teams.



Volleyball is truly among top-rated most favorite or famous games across the world and you wouldn’t be amazed by the inclusion of this worldwide famous sport at this higher place in this list. This is a kind of team sport which is played by two teams at a time. There are six players on each side and either side performs at one side of a divider net. The team scores more points eventually becomes the winner, which is very obvious. Volleyball has been part of the Olympic Games since 1964.


Football (Soccer)

Probably there would not be a single person who has viewed this post that wouldn’t be familiar with this sporting event or wouldn’t like spending an hour or so time watching any live game of Football (Soccer). This is truly the most watched and played game in the current modern world at the moment. The stats show that this is the fifth popular sport in the Olympic Games ever since it has been included in this mega event.



Athletics are the key point in any Olympic Game which is an exclusive collection of multiple well-popular sporting events among people, including walking, throwing, jumping and running. Race walking, cross country running, road running and track and field are the most favorite or famous athletics competitions at the moment. Organized athletics are associated by the historians even with the Ancient Olympic Games held in 776 BC.




Gymnastics is actually considered an ancient Greek game as a majority of people in this country has an association with this sport. Gymnastics is a combination of several different contests including, high bar, parallel bars, vault, still rings, pommel horse and floor exercise. It requires every participant to be physically fit and have much-required flexibility to reach to the top in the list. It was a circus performing the skill in the ancient Greek



Swimming is at No. 2 on this list. This sporting event has a lot of variety and several different competitions or contests to watch and enjoy in any Olympic Games. Swimming is mainly governed by FINA which has been the prominent part of every summer Olympic Games event is the currently known modern era of this mega event. Swimming has been known to the modern world since prehistoric times and is a very popular activity at the moment.



Though many of you wouldn’t agree with the inclusion of this sporting event at No. 1 in this list actually our list is purely based on the stats and figures we collected from the official IOC website. This sporting event has more hits/page views than any other sporting event of the modern Olympic Games. FINA is the governing body that oversees this event and currently, it oversees open water swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming, diving, and swimming.


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