psychologists use scientific methods to conduct their research. With a theory that explains these observations, a theory is an explanation for organizing separate information in a consistent way for researchers, it often develops a theory of many people and ensures that Their research results can be copied by other examples: for psychologists to find out that some second students leave a lot, while others do not find brown hair, he We realize that most of their brown -haired lovers will be released. But their blonde friends did not eat much, explaining these observations hypothesized that the second students with brown hair probably went out with those with blonde hair in this theory. He has an experience to check his hypothesis in his experience. The hair color that people really color really when the hair color really creates data when people with blonde hair creates more data contrary to their hypotheses, you have to think about what happened. out and review your theory and hypothesis when data is achieved from new experiences. The magnification does not have a boyis. You must refuse your search for psychological scientific research theory, p. As a result, if psychologists report what they found through their research, they also describe in detail how they explore this way. Other psychologists can repeat research to determine whether they can recreate results according to psychologists, as long as they develop a theory and reflect the theory in a main hypothesis. body. A hypothesis is a prediction that can be verified for what will happen in a number of defined conditions If the test does not confirm the theory, consider or reject the original theory of

, a good theory of a good theory must do two things: Organizing some observations in a reasonable way and allowing permission The researchers presented the prediction to clearly verify the theory to verify the theory
researchers, falsifilea, theory or hypothesis must also be false, which means it should be set by one In some way, because researchers can give in, researchers show the confirmation of confirmation. Unable to handle and not detected submarines, this theory is not wrong. Researchers can never find these unexpected caves or hidden monsters like this, and don't try this theory. Definition for the definition of the variables it checks. Activity definitions show exactly how an accurate measurement of happiness can be defined as "the number of smiles per hour". The theory is well accepted, instead of the female students, this prevents psychologists inventing the theory of landscape
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