on the last Monday of May, the anniversary was held in the United States, but expected: Will it be organized from exactly? It will be more appropriate to say that the anniversary is observed? Wendalyn Nichols, an experienced editor and dictionary, took us through it when Aryon used the blog a copy that made a comment about the flag day and said that we were celebrating instead of watching it really were really it is really A previous comment on the celebration. The day when I realized that I had to be observed more than famous, but I rushed too quickly to comment on the flag. Of course, we observe the flag day: can only organize the day of the flag, while at least in my book, there is no chance for the celebrations, the online dictionary of the webster, not yet Abbreviated and Oxford online English dictionaries: The border between the celebration and observation is blurred with the vocabulary of the best people. The construction of round definitions is, if not a major sin, at least something very bad of the round definition, the definition of a word with one word with another word and this word with words with words with words First, catch the dictionary user in an endless loop. Something must be tested and tried to prove that, but I have not found a dictionary in which a definition of the circular does not happen "is a risk of the process so.) The event event , occasion): Observe with the form and prescribed way (all religious rituals, rituals, services, parties, fast or other occasions); To maintain, observe, implement, statement, etc., with a certain ritual or form, I cannot say that the differences between the celebrations are appropriate to the solemn rituals that can be observed. , observe with the form and celebrate with specialties observed or with a. A special form of Merriam-Webster is at least observing its definition to celebrate. Like EED, it shares the terms in honor and the feeling of dealing with festivals, but with a clearer difference between the two rituals, memorized or solemnly or by restraining the company. Normal B: Gratitude and happiness (such as birthday or event) because of commitment to festivals, enjoyment, rejuvenation or other similar deviation Used in the definition of observation and dragon: Observe: 4: Celebrate or ritual (such as a story, ritual or festival) after a regular birthday or accepted at home> The first sense of the celebration is "solemn celebration", holidays and germination date ", keep and celebrate to see both: keep: Observe or achieve (something as prescribed or Mandatory) Celebration: Maintenance, behavior, observation or honor with an official ceremony or solemn assessment, only in the direction of my colleagues in dictionaries, we must choose the Basic and relatively clear terms and use them many times as the starting point in the definitions, but the idea that we face some synonyms to choose the most basic term compared to all. Those who are called genre and then provide different information: the difference that thinks all that we have in all this can appear as the celebration is the only term to do. The feeling of dealing with festivals. Mother's flag "O, Teufel, the day of a marriage; some people will say that we also celebrate one day like the anniversary, but many editors will fix this or to mark the rituals. The celebration may be part of Osigno -wendalyn Nichols or not is the editor -in -law director of the New York Office of the Cambridge University Publishing House and was previously published by a copy in a copy, arrested First as a researcher, writer and writer and -pep writer and writer, then the vocabulator and editor in the Longman group