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AcronymDefinitionMLFMacaw Landing Foundation MLFMagnetic Lines of ForceMLFMaintenance Level FunctionMLFMajor League Football MLFMalolactic Fermentation MLFMaple Leaf Foods MLFMasters in Law and Finance MLFMaximum Load FactorMLFMeaning Liberation Front MLFMedial Longitudinal FasciculusMLFMemphis Leadership Foundation MLFMetropolitan Life FoundationMLFMicro Lead-FrameMLFMicroloan Fund Microinvest MLFMicrosoft Licensing FulfillmentMLFMinimum Laxity FirstMLFMinistry of Agriculture, Livestock and FisheriesMLFMinistry of Livestock and FisheriesMLFMission Laïque Française MLFMissionaries of Little FlowerMLFMitnick Liberation FrontMLFMolded Lead FrameMLFMonthly License FeeMLFMouvement de Libération de la Femme MLFMultilateral ForceMLFMurthy Law FirmMLFMuslim Leaders of the Future MLFMutant Liberation Front MLFMyanmar Livestock FederationMLFThousand Linear Feet What does MLF stand for in text In sum, MLF is A abbreviation or an abbreviation with a simple language. This page shows how to use MLF in addition to social media software such as VK, Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat in messages and chat forums. From the previous table, you can see all the meanings of MLF: some are educational terms, others are medical terms and even computers. If you know another definition of MLF, please contact us. We add it in the next update of our database. Remember that some of our abbreviations and their definition are created by our visitors. Therefore, your proposal of new abbreviations is very welcome! When we return, we translate the abbreviation of MLF in Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, etc.