Pubalgia (muscle injury) is often called sports hernia. It is a major disease that affects athletes playing football, hockey, football and rugby and operating the route. It is updated in men currently in women with 94% of 94% of these lesions gradually appearing from unknown provinces of a specific injury incident verified from behind after The hockey plays and causes 6% 6% torsion, stone and high -speed films are a potential cause of this lesions, but the exercises are comfortable and those who are not people who can feel also feel Physiotherapists with basic muscle injury to help people with heart attack. They improve the quality of life through practical care, patient education and movement as prescribed.
Muscle lesions of the heart occur when the deep layers of the abdominal wall without the defect in the abdominal wall or the projection of the abdominal content outside the normal cavity are weakened or torn, such as hernia, damage. When their muscles are connected and learned, they can be connected to the tendon and muscles of the area, nerve stimulation can also occur and contribute to the difficult symptoms or motion from the hips and pelvis to The hips and women of abdominal muscles and abdominal muscles. With the time, production and weakness of the injuries in the abdominal muscles can be caused, and the lack of packaging can also contribute to the damage that the aggressive and dangerous abdominal training programs can cause. Or aggravate basic muscle damage. In the heart, from 5% to 18% of athletes, it has been created that the acute pain of the groin with the effort is simply with int Thol, stone, twisted or cut and quickly removed with the The calm and basic task like sitting in the bed, painful athletes may be due to a large amount of training and muscle pain time or the purity of family members with muscle lesions of fuselage. The lower abdomen, occurs mainly with the breed, sprint, cut, axis, kick or twisted in function Little or no pain in the groin area when resting, sitting or gloomy trends to touch or pressure on the stability of the abdomen, ALE. Urine in urine or reproductive system consulted doctor
when you first see a physical therapist, make an evaluation of the back or finally offer all amplifications. Great abdomen or intensive central exercises, whether it is not relevant or not related to his regular sport or regular exercise in his groin area if he touches, sniffing Slightly or increased when the end of a special question or incident is given to the desired sports. It limits the limitations of its hip muscles and thighs will assess a certain level of isolation or reduction. It will also perform a motion performed at the depth of the hip movement and its back. Order more tests (magnetic resonance, ultrasound or X -Rays) to eliminate other injuries in the hips, lower back or pelvis. Physiotherapy of your physiotherapist uses a treatment method to indicate the problems that are determined during your evaluation. You will present an inaccurate treatment program for your disease, focusing on your goals to help you be safe or at normal activity, important cases of injury. Basic basic muscles may need surgical intervention. Conservation treatment, including physiotherapy for four to six weeks, 50% P respects the muscles of the heart to be restored by conservation treatment if they undergo surgery. Their physiotherapist can direct them to retire their strength and their flexibility after surgery without surgery. Physical therapy focuses on the solutions of the main problems found during their evaluation often include little strength and flexibility of hips and decreased power. To activate or rotate the abdominal muscles to maintain stable pelvis during intensive physical therapy treatment, their names are resolved without causing or reducing their pain. Your physical therapist also teaches you to change sports activities or training causing groin pain or hinder your entertainment cream to reduce pain to expand. Avoid being able to perform physical therapy for your situation: Ice formation and compression in the early stages of the lesion or if it has a high level of pain, the use of ice and compression in the field can be done. reduce its pain level. Your physical therapist can show you how to perform hip and lower back exercises to prolong the muscles gently, you are a major factor in treatment, because of some muscles due to trauma. You can teach you that it can be oriented. , To strengthen the hips and nucleus do not worsen its injury if my therapy has less therapy, pain that its physiotherapist can perform a practical therapy (manual) to be done. Expand and expand the affected soft tissue and joints depending on your electricity mobilized. And improve the flexibility of autumn sports exercises as soon as it can progress without pain. For example, your physical therapist adds movements to your sport or activity for your treatment program. The complete tension of its participation in sports
, basic muscles are difficult to prevent some sports due to stress and stress in pelvic and hip courses. A prevention program for people with the highest risk of the recommended basic muscle injury and senior men including men and women participating in football, hockey and football. A prevention program may include the following: hip muscles to improve flexibility and reduce stress in the lower abdomen, where the heart muscle of the heart usually appears
all physiotherapy prepared. To treat myocardial damage. However, you may want to consider: A physical therapist has experience in the treatment of basic muscle injuries. The therapist, certified in the Board of Directors or has completed a place of residence or scholarships for sports therapy. This physical therapist has other people looking for a pt triand, an online tool created by the American physical therapy association to get recommendations from physiotherapists (or translation suppliers Other medical cases) when searching for a physiotherapist (or other medical service providers) to search for physical therapists, friends or other medical service providers when They communicate with clinical physical therapy for an appointment, ask the experience of physiotherapists to help people with muscle injury in the heart.