Physical activity is one of the most important things that people can do to maintain and improve their health according to instructions on physical activity in 2018 for Americans. The activity begins shortly thereafter and will accumulate over time, support the advantages of regular physical activity, but nearly 80% of adult Americans do not respond to increasing activities in us, relatives. And our community, our community, our community, instructions on physical activity for Americans can be a useful resource to increase physical activity. Check the advantages proven by regular physics and describe the quantities and types that can be positively recommended for all age groups and population groups with the importance of physical activity on. physics. Longer, healthier and happier by adding regular physical activity, moderate on your day: improving general health, physical form and quality of your risk of many results Desires for health and chronic diseases such as -2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, many types of cancer, depression, anxiety, anxiety and memory loss, can be achieved Being and maintaining a healthy weight by burning calories, stress, fear and depression allowing its physical shape, an increase in the resistance of the father's cropic body and maintenance of bones. And flexible joints, and the posture to prevent arthritis or reduce exercise pain, is the most effective way to lose P. Physics? Physical activity means moving your body to use exact energy examples: walking, dancing, playing football easily to measure relative intensity in general. However, if you perform moderate intensity activities, you cannot perform the only instructions to tell adults and sit less during the day, better physical activity than health, adults should Choose: at least 150 minutes (2 hours 30 minutes) 300 minutes (5 hours) per week, physical activity with moderate intensity at least 75 minutes (1 hour 15 minutes) after 150 minutes (2 hours 30 minutes) each The aerobic week of moderate and strong intensity should last throughout the week. The intensity of the ratio, implies all the main muscle groups for two days or more week
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Learn https: / / Healthgov / MoveYourway - For - Give - Physical activity of the day, but that, for example, can make the collapse of this money in smaller parts rather than easier to manage. It can be reduced from 150 minutes to 30 minutes from the operation of five days a week for health benefits, adults should receive at least 30 minutes of moderate or physical activity in most days, good Especially every day, it exceeds the usual daily activities, unless, but operates with a moderate intensity, thanks to an energy exercise or through longer activity, regardless of the activity you choose, Everything can be recorded, everything can be recorded, can do everything at the same time or divide into some games of the day, take an example with your dog for 10 minutes and after Work and walk for 10 minutes at lunchtime. This ensures 30 minutes moderate movement during the day if you do not have a dog where you can measure quickly to go 10 minutes to and from the parking lot or bus stop before and after 60 minutes of physical activity. The days or most days Like all adults, the elderly benefit from physical activity, with the aging of
related to aging related to physical activity related to the guidelines of physical activity
: There are two basic standards of moderate physics: This includes foot animation (approximately 3 thousand per hour), hiking, gardening / gardening, dancing, golf (Club goes Long roads and shipping), cycling (less than 10 thousand per hour) and strong bodybuilding (lighting training): For example, running / jogging (5 miles per hour), cycling (more than 10 miles a mile time), swimming (free), aerobic, fast (4 quarter mile per hour), weight (strong effort), basketball competition and heavy gardening, so how to hit the physical activity wafofif Increasing its heart rate, this is not a case that is not strong enough for about 30 minutes or me. R every day to count where you should take activities should not increase heart rate before training is moderate, including people with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, osteoporosis and obesity The regime, rich in fat, smoking and sitting lifestyle are other risk factors, men over 40 years old and women over 50 are very convenient for their healthy activities: they speed up heart rate. And breathe and improve bone and keep muscles by increasing the weight of the weight of the weight. , transporting a child and walking is some examples of false and flexible: dancing, soft, yoga, martial arts and Tai-chi reducing the risk of improving stable roads and Flexible to exercise to appreciate, it is likely to do it. Do not go to high school or aerobic classroom: you are preparing to keep a pair of shoes or shoes and shoes comfortably and comfortably to keep clothes in the car and in the office! Do that in your neighborhood, find a local road or go to the shopping center and accompany your spouse, relatives, neighbors or a friend to walk in a social event to happier, dance in your work. And the exercises in your office are a cheap exercise that can be done anywhere. Even in a hotel room in a company involved in a sport such as tennis, soft ball, basketball or football, but you push or use your golf bag instead of driving in golf cars or greedy Get a fitness course, keep your interesting activities, while someone tries on the replacement days of domestic missions to train on replacement days.