Make sure no one has access to the cabinet in which the tests are stored during experience. You can get military / damaged food.
to see the food is not redesigned. If you predict the goals, let the food see which one will form first. To see the lowest cooling foods. Bancalachasemilk bread materials and equipment to place the paper for weekly paper and pencils, many foods must be cooled to keep fresh and edible. The question is which food is bad at first? If you think about dairy products, most of them must ask for cooling. If they check you with bread and bananas, the fastest? It is important to know because some forms can cause them to get sick when eating. If you do not cool? The terms, concepts and questions to start searching for the background should know the foods in general are cool and what is not. You have to find a way to see how it looks like and how it expands. . For milk in a glass. Prepare the image of Essen how it appears when it is great. You have to put your test in the closet. All must stay in the same place in the same temperature to achieve the most accurate results from 4 to 5 days and verify the samples. Have you formed? Record its results. is not guaranteed or represents the presentation of the ideas of the project of scientific contact and is not responsible or responsible for losses or damage, direct or indirect, due to the use of pine. That news. If you access the ideas of the Science Fair project, give and all the complaints against results from it. In addition, its access to website and projects of the scientific project. A scientific project should only be implemented in appropriate contexts and with other appropriate parenting or supervision. Read and continue the safety preventive measures of all models used in a project is the only responsibility of each individual.