You should always be careful when you notice such a smell. You may indicate that your sales should be repaired. If the perfume is uncomfortable or strange, starting from their air conditioner, perhaps it is time to call experts.
Why does your sales feel bad? Depending on the state, its air conditioner can spend all kinds of odors.
Here are some of the most popular smells that people recognize by their current replacement units, as well as some potential causes: • In vinegar: If the atmosphere smells angry with the air conditioning system Their atmosphere, such as vinegar, the issue of 'electricity' problems can come. The engine is out of ozone. The reasons may be different may be the excessive condensation of the coils, the faulty filter, a pan with clogged condensation or shape in the lines. The problem may be a blocked air filter. This may also mean that the mold or condensing drainage unit is blocked. Another cause may be wet channels, because the lines are not properly sealed. A fragrance of the mold can also mean that the mold develops in some internal components of the air conditioner. 13331 • Ouvs legs: The smell of lazy eggs has nothing to ignore. This smell may indicate that an animal was launched in its CVC system and died there. Also remember that natural gas, although conventional toilets, often contain an additive called Mercaptan. This additive is used in a way that people feel in the case of gas leaks. If you suddenly feel lazy when your air conditioners turn on, turn to the gas and leave the scene. If you exclude a gas sheet, you must communicate with a professional CVC expert. Unfortunately, it often happens that the appearance is called "sock dirty syndrome". The reason for this may be the presence of bacteria and mold in air management. As soon as the manager did not enter the ABZUS cycle and was wet, the smell could be detected.