Requires money management, requiring money is the arrest of the desired financial assets in the form of money (banking species or deposit)
important points to remember, provide liquidity, create commitments between advantages. of liquidity of liquidity of the liquidity of participation and the advantage of the benefits of the arrest of other assets, the amount required to change the opposite of the interest rate, while the investment amount The arrest of the desired financial assets. The amount of money is the total amount of money in the financial assets available in the federal reserve system, at a certain time in the United States is the supply of money that the Fed can increase the supply by reducing money by reducing the needs. The reservation of something or someone increases according to the value. Therefore, each part of its assets or the effects are considered to be
is a money -economic requirement, the demand for money is often transferred to cash advice or in banks in general. The nominal demand of money increased with nominal production and immersed with that. According to priority for liquidity L (R, Y): Investment equation, amount, dedicated to liquidity for liquidity, nominal interest rates and exit are really for transport transactions Transferring, however, money is in the commitment between the arrest of money and the advantage of other assets, that other money is stable, monetary policy can help stabilize the economy. However, if the demand for money does not change the actual, actual and nominal interest rates and economic fluctuations, the simplification of interest rates is interest rates. According to the amount he borrowed from a lender (creditor), it is the "cost" of lending goals for money as a monetary policy tool considered "cost" is " The cost "cost" is "cost" they are seen. Must increase investment and consumption in the economy. The economic crisis has not paid, interest rates adapted to inflation, the need for money and health in a specific field to maintain or adjust the interest rate of economic growth, the desire to arrest assets. The main supply is the total number of financial assets available in an accurate lation economy with the slow down of inflation. The money is still in the federal reserve accounts and the US bank's reserve comes from each source of reservation and thanks to other monetary policy information
Federal Fund ratio: This chart It shows the fluctuations of the Federal Government from 1954 to 2009 in monetary policy through the ratio of Federal Fund
points must be remembered. The amount as required by the price of the nominal demand of money often increases according to the level of nominal production (the price multiplied by the actual production). Commitment between the liquidity advantage of the arrest of money and the advantage of interest rates to maintain other positive terms of interest: Interest before adjusting inflation: something or someone is valuable; Each part of its assets or the effects are considered
money applications for money are money demand. The arrest of the desired financial assets in the form of nominal cash often increases according to nominal production (the price of multiplication) of the interest rate is the cash prize. To send and analyze the requirements of monetary factors leading to the application's application curve for CA. There is a change in the entire non -application application, resulting in a new application curve. The decisive factors are not changes caused by the application, even if the price is still the same affecting the price of UDE: the changes in the shell are available in the flavor and preference to change the efforts of Exchange in the price of the size elements of a good treatment. That changes demand: The replacement price reduction of the replacement price of consumers if the property is to increase the income of consumers well in the income of consumers, if the property is a good motivation, as such as Pre -production demand increases. It moves with nominal interest rates
Application curve: The chart shows both supply and demand, with a lot of money on the axis of x (Q) and the price at the interest rate of Y's interest rate. Money requirements are the result of the commitment between the liquidity advantage of the prison sentence and the advantage of the arrest of other assets to determine the required money, so how to maintain the property of a person like. Application, debate requirement. Descenses and individuals like to keep money